SOF Hangar Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) – Cannon Air Force Base

About the Project

Hensel Phelps constructed the new Aircraft Maintenance Unit Hangar for the USACE Special Operations Forces (SOF) at Cannon AFB. The project included a new 63,068-SF dual-bay maintenance hangar and 35,605-SF Aircraft Maintenance Unit warehouse used to maintain C-130 aircraft, including a hangar bay, offices, conference rooms, bathroom/locker rooms, storage, tool storage, and administrative spaces.
The High Expansive Foam (HEF) fire protection system was designed to protect all of the aircraft maintenance bays. The modular Intrusion Detection System (IDS) controls access to restricted areas, detects intrusion, denies unauthorized entries within specific areas, generates reports and annunciates alarms. The Lightning Protection System (LPS) consists of air terminals, roof conductors, down conductors, ground connections, and grounds, electronically interconnected to form the shortest distance to the ground.
The project also included a fire pump house and two 72,000-gallon fire water storage tanks that service the hangar and AMU and feed other adjacent future buildings in the development currently under construction. Airfield apron paving provides access to the hangar from the new parking apron. Site work included miscellaneous site concrete, PCC road paving, site utilities and landscaping.

Quick Facts

  • Location Cannon Air Force Base - Clovis, NM
  • Client US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Industry Aviation
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date October 2014
  • Duration 25 months
  • Contract Value $ 28,200,000
  • Sustainability Silver

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