Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Oral Health Clinic

About the Project

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Oral Health Clinic is a $12,000,000 renovation project within an existing facility. This 40,000 SF project facilitates the start of the first dental school program within the Texas Tech University System. This project consists of 145 dental operatories with state-of-the-art dental equipment, support spaces for faculty and staff, central sterilization/clean rooms and administrative support spaces for clinical staff. Hensel Phelps installed both a Watts One Flow water treatment system and a Chem Aqua RO water system to support the sterilization and decontamination areas.

Construction for this project took place inside an existing warehouse that was re-skinned and partially renovated under a separate contract. The facility will house the dental clinic for the next 5-10 years. After that time, the university plans to build a dedicated facility for the dental school, and ultimately repurpose this building. Based on this premise, all design decisions were made according to future planning.

Quick Facts

  • Location El Paso, TX
  • Client Texas Tech University System
  • Architect BRW Architects
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Delivery Method Construction Manager-at-Risk
  • Completion Date April 2021
  • Duration 19 Months
  • Contract Value $ 12,000,000
  • Square Footage 40,000 SF

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