National Western Center Horizontal Integrated Contractor

About the Project

The National Western Center Horizontal Integrated Contractor project was part of the City and County of Denver’s vision of transforming the National Western Complex into a year-round destination and agribusiness hub. This vision expanded the existing 100-acre footprint to 190 acres and updated and reorganized site facilities with the intent to revitalize this historical region of Denver.


As the Horizontal Integrated Contractor for the City and County of Denver, Hensel Phelps managed the horizontal portfolio to enable campus development while developing and implementing a Pilot Workforce Program. This work included preconstruction, overall site management and construction management services for the development of pad-ready sites, sitewide infrastructure, consolidation of the rail line and the construction of underpasses as well as multi-modal roads and bridges.


Hensel Phelps kept the site operational throughout five National Western Stock Shows and supported all their needs for a successful event as one of the largest economic drivers in Colorado.

Quick Facts

  • Location Denver, CO
  • Client City and County of Denver
  • Architect Merrick & Company
  • Industry Infrastructure + Transportation
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Delivery Method Integrated Project Delivery
  • Completion Date August 2023
  • Duration 53 months
  • Contract Value $ 152,958,000
  • Other Features 190 Acres

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