Mamizu Utilities and Site Improvements Phase 1

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The JFY09 Mamizu J-001 Utilities and Site Improvements Phase 1 project provided underground utilities and site improvements necessary to support the relocation of thousands of U.S. Marines from Okinawa, Japan to Guam. The work was spread across two sites on Guam, including:


Anderson Air Force Base (ACE Gate): Construction at Anderson Air Force Base included new entry gate and entry control facilities and roadway to the proposed USMC North Ramp Aviation Facilities. The work included intersection improvements, installation of new traffic signals, and construction of a one-story base pass and ID office and vehicle queuing control facility.


Apra Harbor Naval Station: The work at Apra Harbor was comprised of shore-side utility improvements to the Sierra, Tango, Uniform, and Victor Wharves which included steam, compressed air, potable water, power, communications duct-banks, wastewater, fire alarm, and fire hydrants to support the Marine Corps embarkation capability on Guam. Additionally, the work included a welcome center.


The successful completion of this design-build project was a critical first step in preparing Guam for the build-up of our Armed Forces on the island.

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