Arkansas Travelers Baseball Stadium at Dickey-Stephens Park

About the Project

In a joint venture between Hensel Phelps and East-Harding Inc., the Arkansas Travelers AA Minor League Baseball Stadium at Dickey-Stephens Park features 5,600 seats, 24 skyboxes, lawn seating, restaurants, concessions, and shops. Each high-flying skybox has views of downtown Little Rock, climate-controlled seating, and 12 outdoor box seats. Located on 14 acres near the Arkansas River, the ballpark is a large part of the revitalization effort for downtown North Little Rock.

The project consists of five single-story structural masonry buildings and a second-story structural steel suite level, all interconnected by masonry arches and concourse paving. A total of 8,400 yards of concrete were used throughout the ballpark for the foundation, seating, concourse, and plaza. Because the project is located so close to the Arkansas River, a sophisticated dewatering system was required during construction. At its peak, manpower reached 250 workers on site. Despite numerous challenges throughout 15 months of fast-track construction — including escalating material costs, droughts, sleet, ice, rain and scorching hot temperatures — Dickey-Stephens made its inaugural debut to a crowd of 7,943 on April 12, 2007.

Quick Facts

  • Location Little Rock, AR
  • Client City of North Little Rock
  • Industry Hospitality
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date March 2007
  • Duration 14 months
  • Contract Value $ 28,000,000
  • Square Footage 200,000 SF

I have been involved in baseball for a long time –  in fact, pretty much my whole life – and I can honestly say that the people of Arkansas and fans of the Travs now have, in Dickey-Stephens Park, a facility that is second to none amongst venues of its kind.

– Bill Valentine, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Arkansas Travelers



Award of Excellence in Sports Facility by South Central Construction Magazine

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