Hensel Phelps Recognizes and Supports Awareness for Men’s Health

Monday October 31, 2022

In November, Hensel Phelps’ Building Together campaign will focus on Men’s Health by raising awareness and providing education on topics that effect men’s physical and mental well-being. Statistics show that men face many unique challenges when it comes to their health and wellness. Aside from gender specific ailments such as prostate or testicular cancer, men are at higher risk for many other illnesses including:  

Hensel Phelps will be sharing valuable resources related to mental health and preventative care, along with first-hand stories from individuals across the country. Additionally, Hensel Phelps has partnered with Man Therapy to provide customized videos discussing construction specific mental health concerns, with a manly twist. The goal of Man Therapy is to remove the current stigma surrounding men’s self-care and show working men that talking about their health, seeking help and fixing themselves is the most masculine thing a man can do.

Join Hensel Phelps, Man Therapy and “Dr. Rich Mahogany” all November, to empower the men in our lives to take control of their mental and physical health.