Hensel Phelps Champions Safety Excellence at Safety Week Event

Thursday June 20, 2024

Hensel Phelps proudly hosted a Safety Week event at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center jobsite. This afternoon gathering is dedicated to recognizing the individuals in the construction industry who prioritize safety above all else. Safety is the cornerstone of Hensel Phelps’ operations, and Safety Week provides an opportunity to express gratitude for the unwavering commitment and dedication of its employees.

Over 300 attendees will convene at the jobsite to partake in lunch and listen to engaging speakers from Hensel Phelps who will discuss the paramount importance of safety in the construction industry. Among the esteemed speakers are Mike Choutka, Chairman and CEO; Scott Schilling, General Superintendent; Damian Buessing, Regional Vice President; Jerry Shupe, Chief Safety and Health Officer; and Sabrina Hogan, Safety Manager.

The jobsite exemplifies Hensel Phelps’ Craft Awareness, Recognition, and Engagement in Safety (CARES) program, fostering a culture where every individual has a voice. Craft members collaborate with management to uphold safety through ownership, communication, and prevention, contributing to the company’s overarching goal of zero accidents on the jobsite. Hensel Phelps deeply values its employees’ dedication to the CARES program and takes pride in honoring their hard work and commitment to safety at this celebratory event.