El Paso International Airport Checked Baggage Inspection System

About the Project

The El Paso International Airport Checked Baggage Inspection System Project is a multi-phased $23 million project that was completed in August 2018. The project included a new building that houses a new 32,000 SF baggage handling system. The scope of the project consisted of preparing the foundation by removing the existing pavement, rerouting underground utilities, and pouring new concrete pavement. As far as the actual structure was concerned, Hensel Phelps also built structural steel framing, a metal deck, roof system, and installed precast concrete exterior wall panels.


Last year, over 3.2 million passengers flew through EPIA, which is why it remains critical to Hensel Phelps to ensure the airport remains fully operational during construction of the project. In 2016, Airports Council International Air Service Quality ranked EPIA #1 in 25 out of 37 categories, which included Overall Satisfaction. The rankings are among high-ranking airports throughout Texas including Austin, Dallas Love Field, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Antonio. EPIA also ranked #1 in Ground Transportation to/from Airport, Value for Money of Parking Facilities, Efficiency of Check-in Staff, and Ease of making connections with other flights.

Quick Facts

  • Location El Paso, TX
  • Client City of El Paso
  • Industry Aviation
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date August 2018
  • Duration 19 months
  • Contract Value $ 23,000,000
  • Square Footage 32,000 SF

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